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A New Identity!

Hello, friends… and Happy December!

Just a brief note… as I’ve mentioned before, my content has evolved from *just* book content. I’ve become more eclectic and will be continuing on that path. 

So I’ve decided it’s time for a refresh! Going forward, this site will have a new identity. The Biblio Blonde is becoming:  Life in a Midwest Nest!



There will still be book reviews and lists, and writing content… I’ll keep you posted on any of my writing projects! But there will be more. I want to highlight local life here in the Midwest. I want to share things about home, food, health, my interests and journey toward an empty nest… all of it!

So please stay tuned for what’s to come. You’ll see a few changes immediately and more moving forward.

A couple notes… will still work for the next few months until the domain expires, but please update your bookmarks.

If you’re already following me on Twitter or Instagram, I’ve kept the same accounts, but the handles on both have changed to: @amidwestnest (Twitter didn’t like the full blog name, too many characters… so I went with a shortened version!)

Thanks for reading… I look forward to a great holiday season with all of you!

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Gift Guide: For the Foodie

One thing we can all agree on: food is an important part of the holiday season! Some people spend days in the kitchen preparing holiday dinners, baked goods, and candies. And everyone has favorite dishes and goodies.

Do you have someone in your life who’s always excited about a new kitchen gadget? Someone who loves gourmet ingredients or specialty foods, or who reads cookbooks like they’re the latest bestseller? 

You’re in luck… read on for some ideas for the foodie in your life!

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Gift Guide: Cozy Self Care Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like… well, you know!

lighted christmas tree

The holidays may look different for many of us this year, but one thing doesn’t change: the need to find great gifts for friends and family! 

I’ve put together a few gift guides to share some ideas for all the special people in your life… starting with this one. Fabulous gifts that are cozy, comfortable, and promote well-being are ALWAYS appreciated! 

Here are a few of my favorite things!

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A Little Holiday Reading

Hello, reader friends! I have a question for you: is anyone else tired?

I don’t mean tired as in, I got to bed a little late last night. (Though of course, I did.) I mean your entire soul being tired, because 2020 has just taken its toll on everyone. 

When we get to this point, we need self-care. It means cutting out whatever you’re able to, and adding in some things that make you happy.

I made a couple decisions this week along those lines… Continue reading “A Little Holiday Reading”

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Cozy Up to Fall: Upcoming Cozy Mystery Releases!

Cozy Mystery fans, this one’s for you!

Even though I’ve branched out on my reading in the past couple of years, I find myself returning again and again to cozy mysteries. They’re fun, intriguing, and I love the cast of characters you generally meet throughout a series!

I took a peek around today to see what cozy titles are coming in the next few weeks, and there are some good ones! Read on to see what should be on your list…

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